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From ambiance to safety and setting the stage, lighting can make all the difference in a home remodel. Whether you are looking to create a space that is calm and relaxing or bright and energetic, lighting is a feature that while subtle, has the potential to make or break your design.


You may embark on lighting decisions on your own, but there are several reasons to include a professional lighting designer in your plans. First, the expertise a professional can offer can provide help with aesthetics. But beyond the appearance of your space, a lighting designer will be on the cutting edge of trends such as automation that can make your home lighting both convenient and safe.If you have not worked with a lighting designer previously, you may have some questions about the role this person or team serves. Here are the top questions you need to ask yourself before launching into a professional lighting design project:


1. What Will Professional Lighting Design Add to My Project?

A lighting designer can assist in choosing the proper lighting for your home, but also serves a number of other purposes that can help your process along. Those may include: 

  • initial consultation  
  • fixture design
  • lighting control system strategies
  • programming
  • and more

San Diego-based designer David Shephard of Tazz Lighting, which offers years of residential and commercial lighting experience across San Diego County, offers a full host of services around lighting.


Shephard works with clients through the entire remodel or new construction process including concept-schematic design, design development, construction documentation and drawings, project management and final focus. Shephard recently completed the lighting design and installation for local real estate expert and P.S. Platinum founder Brett Combs in the renovation of his home, and not only makes design recommendations, but also oversees the process from beginning to end.


2. How Long Will Professional Lighting Last?

This is a question to ask yourself, as well as your designer. From a technical standpoint, professional lighting will last a long time. But there are also trends to consider. Just like other home design features, such as the kitchen or bathroom design, lighting goes through its own trends. Take the Edison bulb, for example: this vintage-style bulb comprises a clear glass exterior and visible filament and wires as a throwback to bulbs in the time of Thomas Edison. Made popular in recent years, these bulbs are now available readily at hardware stores for as few as $5 per bulb and they are featured in commercial and home lighting installations throughout homes of many styles.


These elements can support the overall design of a room or a home, in addition to the function they serve.


Like Edison bulbs, there are many features today in lighting that make a statement. Consider a lighting design that best represents your home style. Some of the popular lighting trends today include:

  • Unique lamps: Think 30s and 40s inspired lamp shapes inspired by soul and jazz music.
  • Bevolo gas and electric lights: These lamps have a distinct design in the style of Andrew Bevolo Sr. who revolutionized the production of gas lamps in the 1940s.
  • Designer glass: Glass sculpture created by designers like Elizabeth Lyons has been commissioned by interior designers and architects and has appeared in homes across the U.S. to provide a one-of-a-kind lighting flair to home decor.


3. Will Professional Lighting Design Improve the Value of my Home? 

Lighting can give a truly professional feel to a home, setting it apart from the other homes in the same market. Many homeowners enlist the services of a professional lighting designer for this reason. In his recent remodeling project, P.S. Platinum’s Brett Combs set out to not only improve the aesthetic of his home, but also to bring the value up to prospective future buyers.


One goal of professional lighting is to make spaces feel more spacious, which can greatly improve the sales potential of a home. While many coastal San Diego homes may not be able to offer expansive square footage, lighting can make the home appear larger than it is, which most certainly provides return on investment when it comes time to sell.


Taking a look at lighting well in advance of the time when you plan to sell can also benefit you and your family by providing lighting that makes your home more safe. Smart home automation lighting is a major trend in new home construction today, as well as remodeling projects. Automation lighting can be timed depending on the time of day, your travel plans or other specifics, and can be controlled remotely at the homeowner’s convenience. It also integrates with other smart home features such as audio and security systems.


If you are considering listing your home for sale, or if you are undergoing home improvements, consider the benefit that a professional approach to lighting can bring. It may just bring out the best in your home’s potential.


Find A Professional Lighting Designer in San Diego

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