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3 Steps to Stay Positive During the Home Renovation Process

When people think of buying or selling a house, they typically get a real estate agent involved. However, luxury real estate agent Jon Granston knows in most circumstances, there is more to a successful purchase or sale than simply finding the right house or buyer and negotiating the price. Home renovation can be an essential component to buying a home under market value or selling a house for top dollar.

Common Buyer Renovation Goals:

  • Increase home value
  • Maximize space
  • Tailor rooms to suit lifestyle needs

Common Seller Renovation Goals:

  • Increase resale value
  • Improve curb appeal
  • Create a blank palette to broaden buyer interest

Regardless of your goals as you begin the renovation process, following the steps below and reaching out to an experienced team with a real estate agent and interior designer will help you achieve your goals and stay positive throughout the entire process.


Step One: Design Your Real Estate Team

Granston emphasizes a logical approach to real estate that keeps a focus on your personal aims while keeping real estate stress in check. While Granston can use his knowledge and expertise in the San Diego area housing market, he also knows when to pull in some extra help when it comes to the finishing touches, and who to call.

“If clients are spending multi-million dollars on a home, having the interior of the home professionally designed is a must.”

– Jon Granston

Complimenting Granston’s stress-reducing real estate strategies, Solana Beach based  interior designer, Kari Arendsen with Intimate Living Interiors, will work with you and Granston to knock out renovations quickly and smoothly. Together, they create a team that can focus on finding the right house or buyer for you while providing you full support through the renovation process.


Step Two: Design Your Dream Home

For buyers, Granston will typically introduce you to Arendsen once you have found a home you are excited about. Depending on the scope of the project, Arendsen can step in with her creative team and critical eye either before you make an offer or once you are in escrow.

Since most buyers purchase a vacant home that could use some updating and furnishing, Arendsen can take the pressure off. You are not in this alone. By listening carefully to your unique wish list, Arendsen can transform an empty house into a home that will meet all your lifestyle needs and dreams.

Designer’s Top 10 Renovation Stressors Revealed

Regardless of the scope of the project and skill of your design team, these stressors have a good chance of arising. Arendsen helps you prepare for them now, before renovations begin.

Top 10 Home Design and Renovation Stressors:

  1. Losing normal function of select areas in your home
  2. Lack of privacy: having a trustworthy, pleasant, and tidy crew is imperative
  3. The ¾ mark: at this stage of completion, you are typically fully invested financially, but have yet to see the final design
  4. Unforeseen site issues and change orders
  5. Changes in design due to unforeseen circumstances
  6. Delays in scheduling due to these unforeseen changes
  7. Delays and/or backorders in materials (tile, windows, door hardware, furniture)
  8. Sudden scheduling conflicts that lead to a day with no productivity
  9. Outside opinions and unsolicited advice from friends or neighbors
  10. Too many project leads or site managers

“Having one main point-person to manage communication is critical. It keeps the design cohesive and accurate, the schedule current, budget on point, and can prevent costly mistakes.”

– Kari Arendsen 


Step Three: Combat Stress with Design & Construction Milestones

The timeline for your home renovation will depend on the extent and scope of work. By providing both buyers and sellers with a Preliminary Design/Construction Schedule, Arendsen can set clear expectations, show you how the project should progress, and give you an estimate of the time each phase should take to complete. When you understand the milestones of a home renovation project, you gain a realistic idea of how the process will impact you and your family—but you can also clearly recognize the benchmarks of progress.

“Is a completely stress-free redesign really in the cards? Not typically. But clear expectations and prompt communication can go a long way.”

– Kari Arendsen

2 Bonus Tips to Win the Home Redesign Challenge

Arendsen often shows her clients a sample video of the renovation process before the real construction begins. Oftentimes, this visual reminder of all that goes into a redesign is helpful for managing your stress levels and expectations.

Arendsen leaves homeowners with two practical tips to improve your experience during renovation:

  • Whenever possible, move out of the home during construction
  • When staying in the home during renovation, make some changes so you can minimize the impact; for example, set up a temporary nursery as far from the work site as possible

Final Thought:

Communication and clear expectations are two major keys to prevent and manage stress. And most importantly, keep in mind that your real estate team is there to support you through the unforeseen challenges along with the successes.

See Jon and Kari in Action

Be sure to stay tuned for more from this collaborative content series from Jon and Kari. In future articles, your real estate and design team will discuss:

  • Budgeting for design projects and how they differ for rentals, primary homes and investment properties
  • Latest Trends in Real Estate and Interior Design
  • How to Spot a Trend versus a Timeless Design Element
  • And much more

Learn more about the collaboration between real estate and interior design: the video with Arendsen’s Intimate Living Interiors and Jon showcases this process and demonstrates the need for a customized approach to your real estate and design needs