12 . 04 . 17

Del Mar Beautification In Process

The beautiful City of Del Mar is about to get even more gorgeous with the council approved downtown streetscape project and City Hall/Town Hall renovations that are underway.

Del Mar city council has approved the concept design for a new and improved streetscape from 9th to 15 street. The project will include the widening of sidewalks along both sides of Camino Del Mar with a meandering design to add more interest for pedestrians. There will be new wide branch canopy style tree plantings along the road to help slow down traffic. Outdoor art, new furniture, and better streetlight will grace the sidewalks. Visitors to Del Mar will also enjoy better bike lanes and pedestrian crossings.


The streetscape project is estimated to cost $4.5 million and city council has allocated $1.3 million for the fiscal year.

“We are working on the final design plans now and will take it to council for approval in January or February,” said Rachel Beld, Senior Management Analyst with the City of Del Mar.

“From there it will go out to bid for construction. We will do construction from January and June and then it will stop so we can be mindful of tourist season.”

In addition to a streetscape beautification, Del Mar City Hall/Town Hall is undergoing a $17.8 million-dollar facelift. Project architect The Miller Hull Partnership and Spurlock Landscape Architects are teaming up with the City of Del Mar to create a new 8,855 square foot facility for administrative functions. The Town Hall will be 3,104 square feet and will hold 250 people and there will also be a 15,000-square foot public plaza area.

The City Hall/Town Hall renovation is a much needed improvement. The existing City Hall is housed in what used to be St. James Academy, which was remodeled in 1973 to be only interim offices for City functions.

The design and character of the plaza and entry to Town Hall is inspiration from various Del Mar buildings like the Powerhouse and Library, and will use modern materials such as wood and glass. 

The Del Mar City Hall/Town Hall renovations are expected to be complete in June 2018.