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The Robie House was completed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1910 and exquisitely represents his Organic Architecture design philosophy and Prairie Style Houses. This Oak Park Chicago home was conceived as an integral whole, taking into account every element of the home from exterior to interior, and how these elements influence one another.

Prairie-style was inspired by the broad, flat landscape of the American Midwest. It was the first strictly American style of domestic architecture. The Oak Park home broke from traditional 19th century European architecture by creating a new aesthetic for residential design with dramatic horizontality and masses.

The Robie House embodies this departure with a sleek, open and flowing design that created more flexibility for those living there with a wide-open living space at its center.

"The expansive living space at the heart of the home is one of the great masterpieces of 20th century architecture and interior design. The light-filled open plan is breathtaking in its simplicity—a single room, comprising a living and dining space, divided only by a central chimney." [1]

In 1991, the American Institute of Architects declared the Robie house one of the ten most significant structures of the 20th Century.

Wright’s Prairie Style Meets Del Mar Coastal Design 

Just as the Robie House beckoned for a new approach to residential design in the face of the sprawling American Midwest, the home at 2143 David Way required an equally impressive approach to architectural design to answer the expansive and awe-inspiring ocean views.

Inside and out, the David Way home is a combination of Wright’s Prairie-style and the modern, coastal design of Del Mar. With the horizontal lines of brick and mortar, windows and french doors that light up each room, the central spiral staircase that anchors bedrooms, kitchen and living spaces, and numerous open decks facing the Pacific, this home is a beach style homage to Wright’s Organic Architecture.

See Del Mar’s Version of the Robie House - Coming Soon

Stay tuned. This house will be hitting the Del Mar real estate market very soon. And be sure to come back to the PS Platinum blog for a full listing profile, pictures and a video of the Del Mar home. Oh, and don't forget to soak up a sunset when you go see it.



[1] Frank Lloyd Wright Trust - Frederick C. Robie House