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Don’t Wait to Renovate - Invest in Your Lifestyle

Homeowners traditionally decide to renovate for one of two reasons: make the space accommodate their lifestyle or increase the value of their investment. However, with proper planning and insight, luxury real estate agent Mary Mac Capener and Rancho Santa Fe designer Amy Meier believe you can aim for—and achieve—both goals simultaneously.

Agent-Designer Collaboration: The Proof is in the Process

“My job is to bring my clients a vision that meets their dreams, then execute. With Mary Mac, we have a shared vision that elevates our ability to understand our client’s motivations and achieve their expectations.”

Both Mary Mac and Amy stress the importance of communication in this process. By understanding the motivations and expectations of the homeowner, they can bring you the results you’ve imagined and a home that aligns with your lifestyle.


Why wait until you are ready to sell your home to make changes? Address the details and drastically improve your lifestyle today.

Tap into the collaborative process between agent and designer to identify and correct the inconveniences that have become a part of your daily routine.

  • Not enough storage in the kitchen?
  • Wish you had a bigger master bath?
  • Want more usable outdoor space?
  • Craving more natural light in your home?

Don’t allow your house to dictate your life; create a house that suits your lifestyle.


Shared Vision Leads to Improved Lifestyle and Value

“No one likes to overpay for a house, regardless of their budget. By thinking like our clients, Amy and I can help them develop a plan to find the right house at the right price, with a budget to make the necessary enhancements.”

Along with enhancing the way you live in the space, working with an agent and designer can help you understand the potential of the market and maximize the value of your home.

This is where the innovative team approach to real estate makes a substantial impact: by pairing a real estate agent with an interior designer, you not only end up in the community and the house you want for the right price, but you also understand how you can adapt the home to your specific lifestyle—all while increasing the property’s overall value.


Don’t wait to renovate. Make the investment now so you can reap the lifestyle benefits until you’re ready to sell.


To learn more about how a real estate and interior design team approach can benefit you when buying or selling, check out Mary Mac and Amy's first article. 

For any questions regarding real estate in North County San Diego, please don't hesitate to reach out to Mary Mac! For your Rancho Santa Fe interior design needs, head over to Amy Meier design to see Amy's amazing work for yourself.