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What if air travel was a smooth and easy process, getting you from one door to another without the hassle of lines, delays, baggage claims or crammed aisleways?

It can be. Sink into the lap of luxury with NetJets, a service that makes all this and more possible with its personalized flight experience that caters to your needs both in the air and on the ground—every time you travel.

Climb aboard a state-of the art aircraft with expert pilots at its helm, your favorite foods and drinks at arm’s length, in-flight entertainment of your choosing and a flight time that can be cut by as much as half what you’d experience flying commercial. From custom catering to on-demand flight planning, NetJets allows its clients to discover the true meaning of service and amenities in their everyday air travel.


San Diego luxury real estate expert Jon Granston is a NetJets partner who delivers that same level of service to his clients, whether they are buying or selling a home. Clients enjoy a customized experience with the highest level of service and attention via P.S. Platinum’s wide-ranging network of support, making the process a smooth and pleasant journey for all parties involved.

A History of Luxury

As one of the world’s first privately owned aircraft management companies, NetJets began more than fifty years ago as Executive Jet Aviation. The company was founded by three retired World War II military pilots with the vision of pioneering a more customized, stress-free, and luxurious flight experience. Now backed by Warren Buffett, today NetJets has the benefits—and the financial resources—of one of the most powerful organizations in the world. For NetJets flyers, this history translates into unparalleled safety, security, reliability, and speed. A private jet experience is just a phone call away.



Take Control

NetJets is able to offer you what a commercial airline cannot: complete control over your itinerary and flight speeds that can cut the duration of your flight in half. You can leave when you want, reach your destination sooner, and change your mind when unexpected situations arise—all within as few as four hours’ notice to the NetJets Owner Services Team.

“Spend less time traveling and spend more time where you want to be.”

With more than 700 aircraft worldwide, a diverse fleet of 13-plus aircraft types, and 4,200 scheduled maintenance checks per year, NetJets is well-equipped to meet your every need. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, with your business team or your family, spend less time traveling and spend more time where you want to be.


Seasoned Experts & Exceptional Care

With 6,100 members on staff, NetJets employs a network of private aviation pilots, FAA-licensed aircraft dispatchers, FAA-approved meteorologists, operational analysts, and a 24/7 Owner Services Team. Together, they can offer the safest, most seamless, luxurious travel experience possible.

In 2014 alone, NetJets flew 127,470,259 nautical miles, demonstrating not only the magnitude of the company’s services but also the diversity of demands NetJets can meet. These impressive statistics translate into:

  • 306 trips to the moon and back
  • Circling the earth 5887 times
  • 359,043 hours in the air
  • 650 flights a day

Additionally, operating out of 1900 airports in more than 100 different countries, NetJets® has the reach and flexibility to accommodate nearly any itinerary.

True Service Expects the Unexpected

NetJets takes pride in anticipating your needs before they arise. The expansive network of air travel professionals and equipment are prepared for your unexpected travel plans—or your spur of the moment surprise getaways.



Safety & Security

Whether you are investing in property or booking air travel, safety and security remain paramount. NetJets delivers the safest, most reliable services in aviation that can be customized to suit your ever-changing needs—even mid-flight.

Never face the unexpected alone.

Jon Granston’s real estate clients at P.S. Platinum enjoy the same luxury of never facing the unexpected alone. With the support of a customized team designed to understand and facilitate your individual needs, Jon Granston and his team go the extra mile to offer exceptional white-glove service to every single client they serve. Read more from Jon's collaboration with NetJets by clicking on one of the links below:


Want to take a tour of the San Diego NetJets facilities? Watch Jon Granston as he interviews Chad Blomgren at Lindbergh Field in San Diego.