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Homes of Hope - Alleviating Third-World Poverty

When our agents aren't out scoring great deals for their clients in San Diego, they're finding new ways to give back to the community, or better the lives of those less fortunate. Just last week, luxury real estate agent Dan Rascon volunteered to help build a home for Homes of Hope. Not only does he get down and dirty for the builds, but Dan also donates a portion of every closed escrow to the organization!



About The Family

The build took place June 3rd-5th in Rosarito, Mexico. The chosen recipients were of the Vera Hernandez family - a single mother supporting four young children on a salary of just $45 per week. The mother, Yoshelyn, works at the local supermarket and struggles to feed her family on such a low salary. Prior to the build, the family lived in a small two-bedroom house, built with pieced-together plywood sheets. The partially dirt floor causes many health problems for her youngest son Cristian, who suffers from asthma. 



What is Homes of Hope?

Homes of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to poverty alleviation in third-world countries, and has been changing the lives of families all over the world since 1990. By building a house, the organization helps to advance families economically by 7 years. The money a family would have been spent on building a home, can now be put towards education, medicines, and living expenses. 



Since the beginning of Homes for Hope, more than 100,000 kind individuals have volunteered to construct more than 5,300 homes in 21 countries. In  order for a family to receive a home, they must apply for Homes of Hope and own the land where the build will take place. They are then selected based on need. This specific build was organized by Hope Sports, a third-party organization that facilitates service trips for professional athletes with Homes of Hope. Feel free to explore the Hope Sports website to learn more


How To Make A Difference: Get Involved With Homes of Hope

Anyone who wishes to serve the less fortunate can contribute to a build. For more information, please explore the Youth With A Mission San Diego/Baja website (Homes of Hope's host organization). Just one weekend of your time could result in life-long positive changes for a family! 



Get In Touch With Dan Rascon

Interested in learning more about housing for yourself or for helping the needy? Dan Rascon is a local expert of the micromarkets that comprise San Diego real estate. He would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or give you the resources to get involved with Homes for Hope. 


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