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Home interior design trends for 2018 is an interesting juxtaposition between eye popping bright colors and back to basics natural woods and textures. This year we will see bright green or ruby red sofas set behind natural wood coffee table. Last year satin brass fixtures were all the rage and this year matte black fixtures are on trend in kitchens and bathrooms.

For those people who like to spend a lot of time baking and cooking, dedicated chopping and baking stations are making life a lot sweeter. The dedicated chopping and baking station will  feature a lower countertop with a marble or butcher block top.

Perhaps the most unusual trend emerging in 2018 are the antibacterial countertops made with an antibacterial surface that is said to eliminate salmonella bacteria and chemicals. Time will tell whether this is a legitimate trend with staying power, or just an expensive gimmick.

Kari Arendsen, Founder and Principal Designer at Intimate Living Interiors in Solana Beach, San Diego, says in 2018 materials and textures will reign supreme with the use of velvets, leathers, high performance fabrics, steel, rare woods and stone.

Homes in 2018 will be more minimalistic and functional with multi-functional spaces. Instead of a dining room just being a dining room that rarely gets used, homeowners are incorporating a parlor or library in half of the space. 2018 will be the year for designing a room for your own specific needs.

In The Kitchen

Three words describe kitchens in 2018: authentic, pure and natural. All white kitchens may always have a loved place in kitchens everywhere, but trends in 2018 are moving toward bold colors and use of textures to create visual interest. “We will see more black and blue painted cabinetry, and kitchen islands that are painted a different color than the rest of the kitchen cabinets,” said Arendsen. “Natural stone and Calcutta marble will be prevalent on counters paired with reclaimed natural wood cabinets.”

Spotlight Trend: Use of integrated lighting at the base of a kitchen island.

In The Bath

We will be seeing a lot of the same trends in the bathroom that are happening in the kitchen. The use of natural materials and textures. Full height tiles on the walls. All glass showers. More one-of-a-kind custom fixtures.

“A unique design trend we are seeing in this year’s bathrooms is transitioning design elements. Vanity countertops that transition directly into the shower by way of a waterfall feature,” said Arendsen.

Spotlight Trend: Instead of the bench seat in showers, built in designed shaving shelves. A nice place to rest your foot while you shave.

On The Walls

In the late ‘90s, wall colors were bold and bright and accent walls were popular. In the early 2000s, homeowners wanted to bring a little bit of Italy into their home interiors and it seems everyone was faux painting walls Tuscan browns and oranges. White walls came on strong in the last few years, creating a clean and modern vibe. You know what they say about holding on to those bell bottom pants because one day they will be back in style again? Well, if you kept your bright colored accent walls from the late 90s, you are in luck because that trend is back. 2018 is all about the accent walls and bright bold colors.

“People are moving toward bold colors in a minimal way. We are seeing more saturated colors in jewel tones,” said Kari. The most popular color for 2018 will be a forest green. Other popular colors will be a saturated orange, ruby red and a rich purple.

Spotlight Trend: Try a big bold blue paneled wall in places like the dining room or bedroom for a beautiful contrast against natural woods.

On The Floor

Linoleum is making a huge comeback in 2018! Just kidding. Wood flooring is the interior design trend that has staying power, and for good reason. While wood floors have been a popular choice in home flooring for many years, they were considered outdated for three decades after WWII when people were choosing the stingy second cousin of wood floors: carpet.

In 2018, wood flooring is more popular than ever, but the color and style changes from year to year. This year, wood floor planks that are even wider than they have been, between 11 and 18 inches, is a hot trend. Arendsen likes wood planks that are either very wide or very narrow, coming in around two inches. 

Last year we saw an increased popularity in reclaimed wood planks, which falls in line with this year’s trend in using natural wood.

Spotlight Trend: White Oak natural wood flooring

Lighting The Way

Designers are having a love affair with lighting and for good reason. Lighting is a centerpiece design element in every room and has the power to turn a dull room into a work of art. Arendsen says that the trend in lighting is layering lighting – using multiples types of lighting for each room. Instead of the big canned ceiling lighting we are all familiar with, smaller two inch cans are gaining popularity. Retro and industrial lighting will be very popular in 2018.

Spotlight Trend: Adding bedroom reading sconces attached to the bedside wall.

Of course, you can’t rip out your home interiors each year as new trends come along, but it is nice to know the direction trends are taking -- all the new and beautiful colors and materials are being used to make our homes shine.