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The proper implementation of an estate plan will help avoid Probate. Probate is the legal process which administers and distributes an estate to intended beneficiaries. Probate can be incredibly expensive, time-consuming, and the information becomes a part of the public record.  A properly structured estate plan will avoid probate, cost much less to administer than a probate and will keep the details of the assets and parties confidential.

Luxury real estate agent Mary Myers frequently includes Reynard in her extensive referral network to help ensure her clients can protect their homes and set up their families for a successful future. Myers believes this success comes from working with a team of local professionals who can meet your needs, offer guidance, and make sure your personal wishes for your estate are carried out smoothly:

  • How to find a quality lawyer for estate planning
  • How to find the best real estate agent for your estate planning goals


Remain In Control & Plan With An Expert

Careful estate planning entails much more than having a will. Attorneys such as Reynard can help you protect yourself and your assets using four complementary documents: will, trust, power of attorney, and healthcare directive. In combination with one another, these documents can keep you in control of your medical decisions and your estate even if you become unexpectedly incapacitated.

Attempting to organize and prepare your own estate plan is extremely risky – and can oftentimes do more damage than good.


Having the foresight to protect yourself and your family with a thorough, professional estate plan avoids the risk of:

  • Delays in timely health care decisions
  • Loss of asset protection, property tax reassessment, & avoidable fees
  • Unwanted asset allocation
  • Time-consuming court involvement


Reynard, whose firm handles estate planning, emphasizes the importance in choosing the right attorney. He recommends avoiding legal services from attorneys who do not perform estate planning as a core service.  

There are many nuanced intricacies in estate planning, and many of the laws which structure estate plans have changed in the past few years. There are also agencies charging clients for document preparation and who specifically state that no legal advice is being rendered.  Be extremely cautious when using these services as a few thousand dollars saved today can cost 10x or 100x to your heirs as a misguided or improper plan will end up in a dispute.


Choosing Your Estate Planner

Anderson Reynard devotes the majority of their business to asset protection and trust creation/management. John Reynard, who speaks from 7 years of experience, advises that estate planning is not the time to be frugal. Don’t waste a lifetime of work and savings on legal services that appear to be a bargain.

Research your options & make sure your estate planner possesses the skills and experience you need.


Tips for choosing the right attorney:

  • Check credentials and experience:
    • Double check you are working with a licensed attorney
    • How many estate plans does your attorney create/execute in a year?
    • What is your attorney’s area of specialization?
    • Is your estate planner certified?
    • Does the price include changing the titles of properties to a trust?
  • Ask for references
  • Beware of online ranking systems
  • See if the attorney is in the referral network of other trusted advisors


Since estate laws change almost yearly, finding an expert in the field is essential. To learn more about the estate planning services Anderson Reynard can offer, schedule a free consultation with John Reynard today.


Build The Right Team; Get The Right Plan For You

Good estate planning often entails the protection and preservation of much more than liquid assets. With this knowledge, San Diego real estate agent Mary Myers frequently introduces her clients to Reynard for a comprehensive experience. Some areas of concern which are involved with estate planning are:

  • Buying a new house
  • Titling the home under a new or existing trust
  • Minimizing estate tax
  • Avoiding property reassessment
  • Executing a trust
  • Asset protection


By including an experienced real estate agent and a licensed attorney in your real estate and estate planning decisions, you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.


Choosing Your Real Estate Agent

With an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent on your side, you can avoid the risks of purchasing property with an inexperienced agent, a part-time agent, or no agent at all. Whether you are searching for a new home to fit a new set of lifestyle needs, relocating to the San Diego area, or looking for a vacation home the whole family can share, Myers takes the time to understand your individual goals and utilizes her immense knowledge of the local communities to find a neighborhood and a home that make you happy.

Should complications arise, an agent with a wealth of experience can make a huge difference.


Tips for choosing the right real estate agent:

  • Check credentials and experience:
    • How many sales and purchases does your agent facilitate each year?
    • How well does the agent know the location/area?
    • How long has the agent lived in the area?
  • Ask if the agent partners with other trusted advisors
  • Make sure the agent can give you the best exposure: major websites and apps
  • See if your agent uses a personal database of clients for off-market listings
  • Beware of agents who want to rush the process for a quick sale/purchase
  • Seek out an agent who spends the time to understand your personal lifestyle needs and future goals


Myers is very familiar with the process of buying a house in an estate as well as managing the stress that can come from an unexpected life event.


Time To Get Started

Once you’ve chosen an estate planner and a real estate agent, what is the next step? Read our next article, “Strategic Estate Planning: First Steps” from Mary Myers, for a walkthrough and timeline of setting up the documents you need.

While we hope this post was informative for you, it should not be considered legal advice. It is imperative to meet with an attorney to determine the best course of action for your unique estate. For now, click the links below to explore other related articles from Mary Myers.


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