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When it comes to investing, we often look to financial planners to serve as our guide. Where should we invest our assets? And when should we make these investments? But there is one question a savvy investor asks before all others: is my financial planner invested in me?


Helping You Find the Help You Need

Ryan Stafford of P.S. Platinum has partnered with the experts at 20/20 Financial to help his clients build a network of trustworthy advisors. Since buying or selling a house is such a significant financial decision, Ryan believes consulting with a professional to see how this decision could impact your long-term goals is smart business. A good financial investor can set you up for success in the present as well as help solidify your future plans.

4 Questions to Ask of Your Financial Planner

When searching for a financial planner, you want to find someone who is invested in protecting your interests and building a working relationship that can last for decades. Valuable attributes often include:

  • Accessibility: Are they easy to reach in a timely manner?
  • Commitment: Have they listened to your unique aspirations and exhibited an understanding of your needs and the needs of your whole family?
  • Confidence: Do they ask questions that are designed to help you achieve your personal goals or are they trying to sell you products?
  • Flexibility: Are they able to adapt to your ambitions as they change over time?

Oftentimes, the level of communication is the key: you want a financial adviser who takes the time to learn the nuances of your situation and aspirations so they can ultimately help you succeed.

The same goes for the partnership between you and your real estate agent, and your agent and financial planner.

Find a real estate agent and financial adviser who want to work with your goals, not push you toward someone else’s idea of success.

Collaborative Approach to Your Financial Goals

Not all real estate agents and financial planners are created equal. When Ryan teams up with 20/20 Financial, he relies on his team to focus his efforts and achieve your goals with a custom strategy. Whether you are looking to purchase an investment property or sell your primary residence to find a home that better suits your lifestyle, you need a team that understands your expectations and shares your vision.

How do you want to prioritize home ownership, retirement savings, college education funds, or external investments? Ryan and the experts at 20/20 Financial can help you sort out the questions that keep you up at night so you and your family can sleep safely and soundly in your new home.

See Them in Action

See the magic happen as it unfolds: watch the video collaboration with the team from 20/20 Financial in Cardiff, Steve and David, to learn more about how your real estate and financial advisers can work together.

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