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Your real estate agent is oftentimes the gatekeeper between you and your dream home. But unlike a corporate office where you work to woo the gatekeeper to get what you want, buying or selling a house requires a different dynamic and a hierarchy where your needs are the top priority.

When it comes to real estate, your agent—the gatekeeper—should be the one working for you.



Establishing a Connection

Luxury real estate agent Mary Mac Capener is devoted to learning about her clients: their requirements, wants, goals, and dreams. Finding a house that not only accommodates a buyer and their family but exceeds their expectations and supports their lifestyle means the real estate agent must understand each unique buyer on a personal level.

Has your real estate agent developed a professional relationship with you? If you are not sure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my agent informed on the current housing market as well as design trends?
  • Does my agent understand my family’s basic needs?
  • Can my agent tailor our strategy to my individual aesthetic?
  • How can my agent’s professional connections contribute to my vision?
  • Do I feel confident my agent is on the right track to finding a new home or a buyer?

If you are selling your house, these questions can be just as important. An honest real estate agent with your best interests in mind will help groom your property to achieve a fast sale.


Knowledge is Power

Mary Mac has built a network of professionals that can boost the value of a house in diverse ways during her time at PS Platinum. By partnering with trusted designers, contractors, landscapers, or financial planners, Mary Mac can create a custom strategy for each of her clients. For example, working with designer Amy Meier allows you to see beyond the surface of a house during a walkthrough, discover hidden potential and value, and have real estate experience tailored to your unique vision.



Maintaining the Relationship is Important for the Homeowner Too

Ultimately, a long-term relationship with a real estate agent is initially built on trust and sustained by unlimited possibilities.

Mary Mac strives to nurture her professional relationships with her clients. She listens carefully, hones in on what you want, and can deliver results built around you. As a result, many of Mary Mac’s clients return to her when they are ready to purchase a second home or upgrade their house to accommodate a lifestyle change.


If you’d like to see what Mary Mac has to offer and understand why access to her network can be so beneficial to your next real estate transaction, give her a call, check out the links to our other articles in this series below, or watch her latest video with Amy Meier, where they discuss the importance of collaboration in real estate.