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How to Stay Positive: Advice for Home Buyers & Sellers

Transparency is the key to alleviating the majority of stress,” according to luxury real estate agent Jon Granston. He takes the time to thoroughly run through the entire transaction process with his clients and explain best practices that have consistently led to success. By giving you a heads up about the parts of the process that typically go smoothly and the parts that can present challenges, Granston can help you establish clear expectations about the trajectory of buying or selling a house.

To tackle the renovation-side of things with the same approach, Granston partners with Cedros interior designer Kari Arendsen so she can lend both you and Granston her expertise. This team approach provides the diversity of experience and knowledge required to tackle any challenge—and keep your stress to a minimum—during every step of the real estate process.

Find the guide you need to stay positive below:

  • Advice to Help Seller’s Stay Positive
  • Advice to Help Buyers Stay Positive
  • Stay Positive through the Renovation Process (guide coming soon)


Experience and Support When and Where You Need It

Every situation and sale is unique, and our team approach allows for custom strategies designed with your needs and goals in mind. A real estate purchase is one of the biggest investments a family can make, and consequently there is an unavoidable stress that comes with any transaction. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, negotiating the sale and coordinating the move tend to be the most stressful parts of the process.

“Transparency and clarity are critical. Be sure to walk through the entire process with your agent, milestones, potential hiccups, everything.”

However, not all of this stress needs to be negative—there can be exciting aspects of real estate as well. Keep an eye on the end goal: making a sale or a purchase that can better suit your current lifestyle.

“Preparation is paramount. Understanding the process, and where it can go sideways will help you approach the situation rationally.”



Sellers: Advice to Help You Stay Positive

Preparing a home to present to the market (the staging process) typically requires the most work when selling a house. Once the house is set, Granston will develop a custom marketing strategy designed to bring in the right buyer.

Granston’s advice:

  • Try to use a rational approach rather than an emotional one
  • Keep in mind that all parties are generally working towards a common goal
  • Trust your team of professionals

Understanding the major milestones any seller will encounter can help prepare for the process ahead and get in front of any stress you may encounter.

Expect the general process to play out as follows:

  • Receive an offer
  • Negotiate acceptable sales terms
  • Negotiate inspection requests for repairs
  • Wait for contingencies to be removed
  • Coordinate the move
  • Close the sale

While it seems simple when it’s laid out in this way, there’s a number of variables that can impact a smooth progression from one stage to the next. An experienced agent will keep you on track no matter the obstacle, so Granston stresses the importance of finding the right agent so you can feel comfortable with their grasp on your goals.

When an agent is able to develop a holistic understanding of your goals and timeline, you get to relax and have faith that everything will happen as, and when it should.


Buyers: Advice to Help You Stay Positive

Getting your financing in order and finding the right home typically requires the most work when buying a house. With buyers, Granston breaks down the beginning of the process into 3 manageable steps:

  • Secure the financing
  • Find the perfect home
  • Act Quickly

After that, the major milestones any buyer is working toward include:

  • Negotiate acceptable purchase terms
  • Negotiate inspection requests for repairs
  • Await the lender’s full approval
  • Coordinate the move
  • Close the purchase

Preparation and management of expectations are essential for avoiding real estate stress.

Prepare for the process using a customized team approach, understand the process and when you might get stressed, and work with your team to help them create a custom strategy designed to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Buyers: You Own the Home, Now What

For buyers, that’s only the first half of the process: now that you’ve closed on the purchase of the home, how do you maintain your sanity while infusing your new home with your lifestyle and daily habits?


Stay tuned for our next article, “Tips to Stay Positive During the Home Renovation Process” from interior designer Kari Arendsen. You can also watch the video collaboration between Granston and Kari, which highlights the redesign process and the impact it can have on the value of your home and the overall well-being of your daily life.