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Luxury: Going Beyond The Basics

When we think of luxury, many of us think of wish fulfillment. We wish for simplicity; less red tape. We wish for amenities that facilitate moments of happiness and comfort in an otherwise hectic day; we wish for a good meal in places where a good meal is hard to find. But luxury can be more than that.

Luxury is the time, space, or comfort you didn’t know you could have.

True luxury services inform – and surprise – their clients with all they have to offer. As a consumer, customer, or owner, your needs are not simply met. Your expectations are exceeded.

Learn how real estate, luxury, and one-on-one service can transform the way you think of buying or selling a house:

  • Customize service & strategy
  • Expand your possibilities
  • Maintain peace of mind
  • Keep ownership on your terms


Service Begins with Understanding the Person

Jon Granston and his team pride themselves on offering exceptional service to luxury real estate clients throughout every stage of the buying or selling process. This custom-tailored service doesn’t come from a rulebook or a pre-set business strategy. According to Granston, the first step to making a client’s real estate dreams come true is listening.

Your lifestyle should be more than just a checklist.

By taking the time to learn about his clients’ dynamic lifestyles, Jon and his team at P.S. Platinum can begin to adapt the home search to the ways in which they and their families work, play, exercise, entertain and more. This approach to real estate goes beyond a checklist of square feet, bedrooms, baths, pools, and yard space – and with this unique understanding, stress can be minimized during the buying or selling process for you and your family.



Step Into a World of Possibility

Homebuyers tend to have set notions of their basic needs and preferences. Jon Granston partners with a network of professionals in related fields – including landscapers, construction contractors, and designers – to show his clients more than what they hoped to see. He shows homes with possibilities his clients had yet to imagine.

NetJets®, a luxury private aviation company, has a rich history of offering their clients the same exceptional levels of service. As a partner of Jon Granston, NetJets® aims to make owning a San Diego coastal home – and traveling to and from that home – synonymous with pleasure, convenience, and comfort.

The Ease of Ownership

For NetJets® Owners, air travel can be transformed from a necessary hassle to a timesaving experience that actually facilitates your work plans or your vacation. Owners have access to a network of services that add touches of ease, relaxation, and security in ways a commercial airline could never offer.

“We are handpicking and selecting the best aircraft types for each cabin class or category, and we’ve based that criteria on what our owners say.”

NetJets amenities include:

  • New NetJets Signature Series™ aircraft
  • A diverse fleet of 13 aircraft types
  • Full catering, beverages, and bar
  • iPads on every seat
  • Luxury ground transportation

From the moment you leave your front door to the moment you arrive at your destination, the NetJets Owner Services Team coordinates and curates your travel to optimize safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. Thanks to the backing of Warren Buffett, NetJets can invest as much as is needed to fit the owners’ needs.



Ownership Should Be On Your Terms

Through working with Jon Granston and his clients, NetJets’ Chad Blomgren recognizes P.S. Platinum’s commitment to the highest standards of client care. As a seasoned expert in San Diego real estate, with his own impressive track record of service, Jon Granston has secured his spot as a top producer in greater San Diego. His experience spans more than a decade of real estate experience, hundreds of properties, and dozens of highly satisfied luxury homeowners.

Above all, Jon is exceptionally equipped to lead a custom-tailored team of professionals to find, negotiate, and create your dream home – and it all starts with you.

“I know that Jon is going to take good care of them, and I know that it is going to be an easy transition for the NetJets owner.”


Uniquely Your Own

Read more about how Jon Granston can help you expand the possibilities for your next home. Take the time to go beyond your basic needs and imagine a house that takes your aesthetics and lifestyle to the next level of luxury.

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