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Luxury Services & Innovative Solutions

Luxury can be divided into two categories: the luxuries we long for and the luxuries we do not yet know exist. Jon Granston, San Diego real estate agent, specializes in the latter.


Granston isn’t simply focused on the end goal of finding the perfect home; he continually seeks new ways to make his clients feel as comfortable and well cared for during the search itself. For Granston, the entire experience of buying a home should be as rewarding – from the first step – as those final moments when you settle in. 

  • Defining your real estate goals
  • Building your team
  • Don’t neglect the process
  • Creating a seamless timeline


Enjoying The Journey

Working with a diverse set of clients over the past 13 years, Granston understands how to not only cater to your needs but also anticipate them.

Imagine waking up on the day you are scheduled to take a walkthrough of your potential new San Diego coastal vacation home – except when you wake up, you are not in San Diego but New York. Thanks to Granston’s partnership with Chad Blomgren of NetJets®, this scenario isn’t a problem.

From a car service picking you up at your front door, to a private jet that can reach San Diego in a fraction of the time, to in-flight catering specifically prepared to your particular tastes, you can use the trip as a time to conduct business without the interruptions a commercial flight entails. Or you can use the time to relax and unwind before you step foot through the door of your potential new home.

“The entire experience of buying a home should be a rewarding one.”

According to Granston, one of the keys to offering a luxury experience is giving you what you haven’t yet imagined. He carefully listens to your unique goals, lifestyle choices, how you work, how you spend your free time, where you imagine yourself to be in a year, and where you imagine yourself to be 20 years down the road. By taking the time to understand what makes you tick, Granston can accelerate and curate the process of buying a home, giving you the ability to blaze your own trail on your own terms.


Defining Innovation

As a luxury real estate agent intent on changing the way we think about buying and selling a house, Granston continually seeks new partnerships, techniques, and approaches to improve our experiences. Luxury and innovation often go hand in hand.

A moment in the history of luxury: Harry Gordon Selfridge, an American entrepreneur, opened his own London department store in 1909. Anticipating the needs of Londoners, he revolutionized the way we shop; he transformed shopping from a chore to a glamorous experience. Instead of keeping the merchandise organized in drawers behind a counter, he displayed and arranged merchandise openly so you could feel the soft grain of the leather, be surprised by Florentine craftsmanship, or try on pairs of evening gloves till you found the perfect fit. Selfridge was the first in England to move perfume to the front of the department store, creating a sensuous and pleasurable environment from the moment you walked through the front door.

Like a tailor taking measurements before cutting the cloth, Granston takes the time to get to know you – and can design a custom-made approach for finding your dream home.

Luxury in the present day: Granston, like Selfridge, knows that creating a luxury experience takes a dedicated team of professionals. Selfridge hired specialists to find the best textiles, accessories, and scents the world had to offer; Granston works with a Network of professionals – designers, landscapers, financial planners, and transportation specialists – to elevate your home both inside and out.

“People will sit up and take notice of you if you will sit up and take notice of what makes them sit up and take notice.” - Harry Gordon Selfridge

P.S. Platinum is reinventing real estate by raising our expectations. Granston isn’t just selling you a house. He is creating a customized team that can cater to your unique needs, your aesthetics, and your lifestyle. And with NetJets®, your journey is garnished with touches of luxury along the way to make the act of buying a new home a pleasure rather than a chore.


Redefining Luxury: Real Estate

Selfridge’s innovation didn’t stop at merchandise. From fantastically elaborate window displays to in-store productions that rivaled the stage, Selfridge was determined to create rich environments that satisfied the senses. When he learned of Louis Blériot’s ground-breaking first flight across the English Channel, he placed Blériot’s monoplane in Selfridges to give his customers a taste of adventure and history, marvel and genius. (Like Granston, Selfridge recognized that air travel and luxury would be inextricably tied.) After Selfridge, shopping was never the same. Selfridge is even credited with inventing one of the most well-known service standards: “The customer is always right.”

Such close attention to detail makes a grand statement: exceeding your every expectation and your ultimate satisfaction are Granston’s primary concerns.

As one of the top producers at the luxury boutique real estate agency P.S. Platinum, Granston does much more than find houses that fulfill the wish lists of his clients. Yes, square feet, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious kitchen layout, and a well-planned yard are all key components of feeling content when purchasing a home. But Granston believes that the process of buying a house can be equally important to your ultimate satisfaction.

NetJets® allows Granston’s clients to save countless hours during the buying process, work efficiently during travel time, and do so in the most comfortable of environments. Together, Granston and NetJets® can make buying a new house as simple and pleasurable as being fitted for a new suit. Look smart. Feel smart. Choose a real estate agent that can get you where you want to go – in style.

From Point A To Point B – And Beyond

Now that you understand a bit more about the style of luxury Jon Granston and his team can deliver, learn more about NetJets, private aviation, and the white glove experience both brands create. Read our next article, “Fly In The Lap Of Luxury” from Jon Granston, to learn how smooth transitions can make or break the experience of buying a house:

  • Timelines
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  • Reaping the benefits


Watch the video as Jon takes a tour of the NetJets facilities in San Diego.