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Newest P.S. Platinum Lounge is a BIG HIT For Golfers

What do you get when you mix golf and real estate? P.S. Platinum’s newest lounge at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa.

At P.S. Platinum, we like to push the boundaries of normal office spaces, and we have certainly done that at our latest real estate lounge with the inclusion of a state-of-the-art Full Swing golf simulator.

How does the golf simulator work?

The golf simulator in our lounge is the same one the pros use. After you hit your ball into the screen, infrared light waves and a high-speed camera capture the club head speed, path, and face angle of the ball. With the golf simulator, you can hit 18-holes in less than an hour.

“Our golf simulator has been a big hit for P.S. Platinum clients as well as guests at the La Costa Resort,” said Brett Combs, president of P.S. Platinum Real Estate. “We invite you to come to our latest real estate lounge space and enjoy the ambience and try out the golf simulator.”


The Modern Spanish Design

Along with the amazing golf simulator is an impeccably designed lounge space for realtors and clients to enjoy while socializing or doing business. You won’t find any tacky cubicles in this office space, only comfortable couches and aesthetically pleasing design elements.

Our latest design has a casual social vibe but is also a great space for agents to knock out hours of work. Kari Arendsen, owner and interior designer at Intimate Living Interiors, designed our stunning space; “We used modern Spanish materials such as tiles, iron and glass shelving and distressed wood countertops.”

Come check out our newest lounge at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa next to the lobby and fountain out front. Let’s talk real estate while you work on your golf swing!