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Innovative Real Estate: Personalized Team to Find Your Dream House

Real estate agent Mary Mac believes she can provide her clients with a unique experience: a buyer-centric approach to finding – and making – a home. The key to this personalized process is her partnership with outside experts like Rancho Santa Fe designer Amy Meier who can help you visualize the multitude of options a space can offer.

Since your dream house may not be waiting for you to find it, Mary Mac and Amy join forces to reimagine home design, allowing you to make your dream a reality.


Discover A Home’s Maximum Potential

With an expertise in current market value and a good idea of future property value after renovation, Mary Mac knows the potential of a home in relation to locale. She can outline the specific benefits of San Diego-area neighborhoods such as Del Mar or Solana Beach, and hone your house hunting to fit your individual interests and needs.

However, Amy adds a whole new element to the process, opening up a home to previously unimagined remodeling possibilities:

  •       Add a guest bathroom
  •       Transform the dining room into an inviting office space
  •       Install a new floor to brighten up a living room
  •       Expand the kitchen with a wet bar

With their team approach, Mary Mac and Amy can help you invest in a home and tailor each room to suit your lifestyle. Don’t need a mudroom? Wishing for more closet space? Wondering how you could fit in a breakfast nook? You can maximize the value of your new home with a little imagination and the abundance of professional support Mary Mac and Amy can provide.

Buying Your Home with Confidence

Though remodeling a home can seem overwhelming, looking past what is simply right in front of you can make the difference between living in a house and truly feeling at home.

Mary Mac and Amy have a history of success when it comes to helping their clients customize a house to achieve their dream home – and eliminating the stress that can come with remodeling. With their holistic approach to finding the right house at the right price, you can trust that you are not going into a project alone and feel safe that your dream is within reach.


Contact luxury real estate specialist Mary Mac Capener for any of your North County San Diego real estate needs. For all things interior design in Rancho Santa Fe, reach out to Amy Meier. Stay tuned for their next article where they will discuss the importance of renovating sooner rather than later.