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San Diego Flooring Trend: The Wood Look

New construction may be down in North County San Diego, but our luxury real estate agents are representing a number of new construction listings. Additionally, many of our agents have been working on their own personal home remodels, making them a great resource for information when we decided to seek out the latest and greatest building materials for homes in North County.  

Trend Alert: The Wood Look

Porcelain and stamped or polished concrete made to look like wood is overwhelmingly the top choice for flooring in North County San Diego right now. Why? Lower maintenance, higher durability, and an almost equal look to hardwood.

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First, Let's Talk About Porcelain

The beautiful, classic look of wood flooring is just as easy to achieve with porcelain and might even be more beneficial. How? We've outlined four main reasons:

Photo courtesy of homedesignetc.com 

#1 Porcelain Wood Tile Costs Less To Purchase Than Hardwood

Porcelain wood tile is a much more affordable option, as hardwood can become very pricey depending on the type you choose.


#2 Porcelain Wood Tile Offers Lower Long-Term Costs

Porcelain is far more durable than wood flooring, meaning maintenance will be less costly in the long run. No need to worry about scratches or stains and forget about resealing your floors on a regular basis. With porcelain wood tile, you can now include the wood look in wet rooms like the kitchen and bathroom without worrying about ruining your floors, which is ideal for open concept homes. 


#3 Porcelain Wood Tile Offers More Design Options 

You can find porcelain wood tile in any color, grain and plank size. Advances in manufacturing have drastically improved the level of detail in each plank, making it almost impossible to tell the difference between porcelain wood tile and hardwood. Nowadays, grain designs aren't just printed onto the tile. You can actually feel ridges and grooves when running a finger over each "plank". Whatever style you're looking for, there's no doubt you'll be able to find a manufacturer who can provide it. 


What Are The Disadvantages Of Porcelain Wood Tile?

Like any trend, one can never know how long it will remain popular. Additionally, porcelain wood tile will cost more than most other tiles. Therefore, if you have a budget for tile, expect to raise it a bit if you're going for the wood look. You must pay close attention to detail during installation. If the tiles aren't installed properly, flaws will show. Grout and grain choice are incredibly important to achieve the desired hardwood look. 

What About Stamped and Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete wood flooring. Photo courtesy of erahomedesign.com 

Stamped concrete made to look like wood can achieve the wood grain design you are looking for along with the texture of grooves and ridges. If you'd like a less porous flooring surface, a polished concrete wood design will give you the look and feel of real hardwood that has been sealed with layers of epoxy. The glossy coating provided by polished concrete wood look floors becomes part of the floor and never needs to be stripped.

If over time the shine dulls from foot traffic, another layer can be easily applied. Just like porcelain, concrete floors can be made to look like any wood you would like. The design possibilities are endless.


6 Tips To Pull Off The Wood Look With Porcelain Wood Tiles

  1. Look for as much variation as possible. The more detailed each tile, the easier it is to trick the eye into thinking it is real hardwood.
  2. Rotate the orientation of each tile. There may be repeat patterns, and you should never be able to spot the same tile in a single glance.
  3. Pick the right edge. You want a rectified edge over a pressed edge. Why? Your grout lines will be much tighter if your edges are more exact.
  4. Pick the right grout shade. Go one shade deeper than the darkest shade in your tile. This will create a shadow effect and you won't even realize you're seeing grout!
  5. Longer is better when it comes to plank size. If your planks are too short, it will be easier to tell that you're not looking at real hardwood.
  6. What if the tile you love only comes in short plank sizes? Try a herringbone pattern! Problem solved.


Porcelain wood tile in a herringbone pattern. Photo courtesy of addicted2decorating.com


Unique Porcelain Wood Tile Design Ideas

Try these creative ideas for incorporating porcelain wood tile into your home.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

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Who says the wood look is only for indoors? Add porcelain wood tile to your back patio or deck to take your outdoor space to the next level.


The Reclaimed Wood Look

Photo courtesy of trendir.com

Are you into the rustic look? Lucky for you porcelain wood tile made to look like reclaimed wood isn't hard to find. 


Waterproof To The Rescue

Photo courtesy of sandiegobathandtile.com

Completely waterproof means adding porcelain wood tile to your shower is no problem at all.


Get Creative With Your Backsplash 

Photo courtesy of home-designing.com

Can't find a kitchen backsplash that fits your style? Why not try the wood look. 

Want To See An Example Of The Wood Look In San Diego?

Grab a cup of coffee at the Solana Beach location of Lofty Coffee, and admire their beautiful floors while you're at it. Can you tell a difference?

Where Can You Find Porcelain Wood Tile In Southern California?

We recommend Emser Tile in Santa Monica! You'll have a blast picking the perfect color and grain from their massive selection. 

We hope these tips help you nail the wood look the next time you redo your floors. Flooring trends are so important to stay on top of in order to ensure your home sells for top dollar if you ever plan to relocate. The durability and low-price make the wood look a no brainer. When you're finished, share your project with us! We'd love to see the finished product. For now, check out the PSP professional network in San Diego to help you find the perfect team to bring your project to life. 

When you're ready to sell, we'll be here for you as well. Our luxury real estate agents are experienced and prepared to offer you the most ethical and honest guidance throughout the selling process.