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Buying a new home can be a daunting process, as most people cringe at the thought of moving. But rather than thinking of boxes, tape, and trucks, think of a new home as an opportunity to finally get everything just right. A new home is a blank canvas – and buying a new home is the ideal time to maximize a space’s potential to meet your needs and achieve your desires.

The Remodel: Embrace Your Creative Side

When real estate agent Mary Mac Capener and designer Amy Meier work with you as a buyer, they quickly become invested in your dreams. They carefully listen to your wish lists, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle goals to help you see the hidden potential in a house during walkthrough. With their professional experience, you can envision how a space could be adjusted, take advantage of the chance to create a beautiful home, and often get your dream home at a great price.

Mary Mac and Amy help you figure out how you live in your current house so you can build a better life in your new one.

By bringing in contractors and taking a hands-on approach to consulting, they make sure you are never alone or overwhelmed by the process of a remodel. Instead, you have your own personal think tank at your disposal, offering suggestions, ideas, and opportunities – all with your individual wants and tastes in mind.

The Turnkey Home: Making It Your Own

Even when a house feels like the perfect fit, there are opportunities to personalize the space so that it truly shines as a creation of your making. With a turnkey, the Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent works to find the bones of the house of your dreams and Amy works to flesh out those dreams. As a team, you can build a visual platform for everything your new house could be:

  • Is each room adjusted to facilitate the functions of your life?
  • Are all the interior spaces aligned with your aesthetic sensibilities?
  • Does the interior compliment the exterior?
  • Do you feel an emotional connection with the house?

Amy can help you reinterpret traditional details in a fresh, personalized way. With an approach that is rooted in tradition, she aims to curate each space into something new and unique, using design details to tell your story and express your vision.

“Your house should be much more than a vessel; your house should be a beautiful space that can surprise you everyday.” - Amy


Stepping Back To Step Forward

The flip side to curating a home to fit your personal lifestyle is grooming a space to sell fast. When you team up with a real estate agent and a designer to sell a home, the aim is to create an atmosphere that a potential buyer can easily see themselves inhabiting – and a space that can be customized to their own tastes.

Mary Mac and Amy know the contemporary landscape of the housing market, the trends in San Diego area design, and what most buyers are looking for on a walkthrough. If the house you are trying to sell is currently stylized with a very particular taste, Mary Mac and Amy can help broaden the appeal of that space to capture the attention of as many buyers as possible.


Contact Mary Mac and Amy to begin the process of defining your ideal lifestyle by curating your space from the moment you walk through your future home.


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