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Thinking Outside The Cubicle

Step into P.S. Platinum Real Estate's new office lounge in the Del Mar Plaza.

You will not find cubicles or plywood desks here. You will not find a water cooler or bad florescent lighting. What you will find will lure you in and you may never want to leave.

The new P.S. Platinum office in the Del Mar Plaza is breaking the mold for business offices with its newly renovated lounge space. Grab a chair and pull up to the kitchen bar where we will pour you your favorite cocktail or offer you a cup of coffee. A long couch plush with cushions lines one wall, inviting comfortable, relaxed conversation.


The Del Mar Plaza lounge was designed by Intimate Living Interiors, who drew inspiration from the recent home renovation of P.S. Platinum Founder, Brett Combs.

“We used a lot of the same elements for the lounge as we did for Brett’s home in Solana Beach: concrete floors, marble countertops, and white wall paneling,” said Kari Arenson, founding principal designer at Intimate Living Interiors. “What I love about P.S. Platinum is that they want to create a different kind of real estate experience. We created a lounge space where people can come and relax and have happy hour and talk real estate.”

By creating a beautiful real estate lounge that is modern and fresh, it provides clients with inspiration and gives them something to think about when buying their new home. The lounge is a multi-functional space with mahogany walnut desks and marble countertops. The custom lighting is from Luminair Lighting, and it dazzles with its eye-catching design.

“Culture and collaboration is the foundation of our brokerage firm,” said Brett Combs, founder and realtor at P.S. Platinum. “We created lounge offices in lieu of traditional offices to support the idea that warm spaces will encourage human interaction in a time of technology where people tend to communicate mostly via computers. We really want people to come in and be comfortable and socialize.”

Stop by our new lounge space at 1555 Camino Del Mar, Suite 317 in the Del Mar Plaza.