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Where Old Meets New—A Complete Coastal Home Renovation

There are so many choices to make when buying a home. Should you buy new construction or a resale home? If you buy resale, will you be up to the task of renovating the space to make it your own style? Sometimes finding the home of your dreams in the ideal location is a challenge. Home renovation is often the answer to achieving the best of both worlds.

P.S. Platinum founder, Brett Combs, purchased a home in his family’s dream location of Solana Beach with the intention of renovating it to achieve a modern, farmhouse, plantation coastal look for the home.

“It’s a space my family is going to grow up in and enjoy special memories from here on out,” said Combs. “The goal was to create a space so we can live like we are on vacation, entertain, and have amazing experiences in.”


 A fixer-upper doesn’t have to be daunting. By enlisting the help of experts and setting a vision from the beginning, homeowners can have it all – the perfect home in the ideal location. Renovating an older home is special because it allows homeowners the ability to tie-in historical elements of the existing home into new renovations that include modern day luxury.

“It’s always been a dream to create a space that we envisioned being a family home,”

Combs says of his home renovation project. “An actual experience that will tell stories from here on out.”

How About A Little Wood With Your Modern?

Coastal California homeowners are trending toward home design that is modern and functional, while keeping some of the historical features that an older home can offer. Combs achieved this in his home renovation by salvaging the materials used in the original construction, such as fixtures.

Another way to interweave that vintage look and feel into a modern renovation is by using reclaimed wood. P.S. Platinum partners with Vintage Timberworks, a specialty provider of vintage of reclaimed wood based in Temecula, Santa Barbara and Cabos San Lucas. At Vintage Timberworks, you will find recycled, reclaimed wood, seasoned old growth lumber, antique barn beans, rustic mantels and antique wood flooring, to name just a few of the specialty offerings.

Vintage Timberworks began as a lumberyard and later specialized in reclaimed wood after working closely with the late Jack Weir, who was largely responsible for the adobe-style construction movement in Rancho Santa Fe.

“It’s an eye-opener when you get into the yard and see the overall quality of the wood,” said Vintage Timberworks owner Dennis Roberts. “Our company was born out of the appreciation for the best lumber the county and world has ever seen before it was over-industrialized.”

Combs and his wife Christie went to the Vintage Timberworks lumberyard and chose vintage beams from Oregon and locally sourced Douglas Fir for their Solana Beach renovation.

Using A Designer To Bring It All Together

Choosing the right materials set the tone for the Combs’ Solana Beach home renovation, and P.S. Platinum partner Intimate Living Interiors (ILI), based in Solana Beach, worked on the interior design to bring all the interior elements together.

“You’ve done enough cherry picking at every phase that [the design] starts to speak for itself,” says Kari Arendsen, principal at ILI.

ILI’s process for transformation hinges on three project stages: project review, design and concept, and implement and transform.  

During the project review, ILI sends a detailed project questionnaire to the client to assess their vision and project goals. The idea is to learn about the homeowners’ favorite design elements and how they want to optimize the functionality of the living environment.

The design and concept stage works to define the project scope, budget, and overall design plan. In this stage, ILI presents and refines each design concept to ensure the team is on track to meet the goals of the home renovation.

Finally, ILI works with the homeowners to implement and transform. This part of the process is what turn all the hard work and decision making of design into the build-out and completion stage so the homeowners can enjoy their home forever. 

Brett and Christie Combs, in partnership with Vintage Timberworks and ILI, created a stylish and comfortable home that combines natural textures, a serene color palette, and modern day-comforts of home.


Transformation tip:

Use all the natural light your house can offer for a coastal look. You can achieve maximum natural light and bright interiors with ample windows, glass doors, and skylights. Light is the most important, but often overlooked design element when it comes to coastal interiors, according to Houzz.