David Shepherd - Tazz Lighting San Diego

David Shepherd

Tazz Lighting

San Diego,  CA

From ambiance to safety and setting the stage, lighting can make all the difference in a home remodel. Whether you are looking to create a space that is calm and relaxing or bright and energetic, lighting is a feature that while subtle, has the potential to make or break your design.


San Diego-based designer David Shephard of Tazz Lighting, which offers years of residential and commercial lighting experience across San Diego County, offers a full host of services around lighting.


Shephard works with clients through the entire remodel or new construction process including concept-schematic design, design development, construction documentation and drawings, project management and final focus. Shephard recently completed the lighting design and installation for local real estate expert and P.S. Platinum founder Brett Combs in the renovation of his home, and not only makes design recommendations but also oversees the process from beginning to end.


Watch the video above to see David's work as the final product is revealed. 


Do You Still Have Questions About Lighting Design?


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