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Kari Arendsen

Intimate Living Interiors

Solana Beach,  CA

When was the last time you put on a brand new suit without checking in with your tailor first?  Now ask yourself…When was the last time you checked in with your interior designer before you decided to go with a decor you’ll be spending the next 15 years of your life in? For all the possibilities that come with personalizing a new home, it’s no wonder why so many of us get it so wrong before we even start. Pulling the right designer into the mix can make the difference between buying the house you want, and buying the house somebody used to want.


When you bring the right interior designer into the equation, new doors have a way of opening up – literally. The right designer can help you see an open concept room when you can’t see through the walls. Remember “that house” that was featured in the circa 1987 issue of SDHG Magazine as the quintessential “modern-masterpiece” replete with glass brick walls and art deco inlays? Today, that house would probably lead most of us into home search despair, but not Kari Arendsen. Intimate Living Interiors signature ranch-coastal fusions have transformed homes that were sure tear-downs into the classic home on the block; and often, with only relatively minor cosmetic edits.


See how a professional pair of eyes could be one of the soundest real-estate investments you’ll ever make. Watch the video above to learn how the collaborative approach to real estate and interior design can make your dream home come to life from Del Mar luxury Realtor Jon Granston and Solana Beach Interior Designer Kari Arendsen. 


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